Friday, September 10, 2010

A Weekend of Family Fun in Maine

We spent a beautiful Labor Day Weekend camping. Now some (like my husband and daughter) absolutely LOVE camping. My son can take it or leave it at this point in his teenage days. And Mom...not so much liking camping. I love every minute of enjoying being with my family with no interruptions whatsoever. I love the gorgeous area where we were in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. It is stunning! I love hanging by the campfire roasting marshmallows and talking and laughing. But that is it!! When the time comes to go to sleep in that tent, I cringe. Going to the potty...yep that stinks. (even thought this time we actually had a bath house but it was down the street)

But I do it because I know that it makes my hubby SO happy. The true outdoorsman that he is :) To top it is the only one who got a horrible case of poison ivy! Go figure. I finally had to break down and go to the doctor this afternoon. I am not a pretty sight :) Thank goodness for Prednisone right now. Oh and hubby is not asking to go camping any time soon......

Sophie loving on Maggie dog. (I think she is the culprit of the poison ivy) Note to self....Do NOT let the dog in your tent to lay down after she walks in the woods.

Me and Soph hanging at beautiful Reid State park. We have so much fun exploring the tide pools and climbing on the rocky coast.

Finding Starfish is always one of our favorite things to do. We were about to give up when Dad found one. yay!

Hubby and Maggie hiking the rocks.

Walking around Boothbay Harbor for dinner. If you have never visited Maine, you should put it on your list of things to do.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the kids doing a ropes course together. It was the perfect bonding opportunity for them.

Brave girl taking her first steps out.   She was very excited but did hit a little road block (ie little scared meltdown) about half way through the highest spot.   I was so proud of Hunter coaxing her along and telling her it was OK. He doesn't always have the most patience with little sister.

All in all, it was a fun family trip full of great memories. (except for the sleeping part) If only we could win the lottery and buy one of those humongous RV' that is camping :)

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  1. That looks so fun! (Sorry about the Poison Ivy.) If you don't like camping, might I suggest you not take your family on a 9-day, 7-state camping trip to Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons like us STUPID non-campers did last summer!! :) Poison Ivy might have ended up being the highlight.
    And, by the way, your son is adorable! My daughter would dig him!