Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary Hubby!

It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years!! Where does time go? I think about all that has happened in those 10 years and it's almost mind boggling.

~Buying our new house
~Pregancy and Bedrest for 2 months
~Have a beautiful daughter
~Deciding I would become a stay at home mom...yay!
~Re-locating out of state
~Selling that new house
~Completely hating that decision to relocate....job stunk!
~Re-locating to another state..loving it!
~Buying another house...that had to be completely updated unfortunately. And completely by us unfortunately.
~Commuting for an hour each way...tough for you.
~Raising two wonderful children...even though our parenting styles are completely different.
~Hormones..ugh for both of us.
~Deciding to Homeschool.
~Staying in love. By the grace of God!

We have made it 10 years!! I can't wait for what the next 10 + have in store for us. I am SO lucky to have married the most patient, loving, caring, almost perfect man I know.  (I still have to remind him to take the trash out, which does drive me crazy.)

But he did surprise me with this little treat at dinner. Just maybe I'll let him slide on forgetting the trash this week.